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Theatrical Release

The Stuart Hall Project -Smoking Dogs Films

Nine Muses -Smoking Dogs Films

They Call It Acid -Headflicks

Holy Water -Eyeline Entertainment

Desire -Scenario Films
A Closed Book -Eyeline Entertainment

Chunky Monkey -Open Road Films

The Following -Next Wave Films
The Girl With Brains In Her Feet -Lexington Films


Spying On Hitlers Army -October Films

Falklands Most Daring Raid -Darlow Smithson

Me And Me Dad -Highpoint Media / Colourframe

Can We Trust the Police -Special Edition

Titanoboa -Wide Eyed Prod.

Lovebox Festival -Blink TV

Rewind Festival -Blink TV

Cutting Edge-Extradition Cops -Mentorn

Madness on the motorway -Folio

Cops,Cars and Criminals -Steadfast Television

Black Gold -Speakit Films (Sundance

Underage and Pregnant(series) -Mentorn

Sky Cops(series) -Sky

Shakespeare’s Stories -BBCi

The Sixties Decade -Fulcrum TV

Excellent Adventures (series) -Princess Productions

Rock School Follow-up Show -RDF Media

Little Britain-Interactive -BBCi

My Penis and I -Madmac Productions

Trevor McDonald – Holly Wells Special -Psychology News

Bumfights: A Video too Far? -RDF Media

Michael Jackson’s Mind -RDF Media

Strictly Come Dancing -BBCi

The Curse of Radio 1 -North One Television

The Curse of Reality TV -North One Television

The Curse of Noel Edmunds -North One Television

Spooks Interactive -BBCi

Best of Question Time -Mentorn

Drunk and Dangerous -Mentorn

Studs of Suburbia -Ideal World Productions

Meet the Inlaws -Maverick

Magic Grandad -Glasshead

UFO The Believers -Chrysalis

Mariah Carey -Smoking Dogs Films

Randy Newman -World of Wonder

Kids on Porn -Maverick

Meet the Parents -Maverick

Urban Soul -BBC Arts

Unreported World -Mentorn

Stan Tracey-Godfather of British Jazz -BBC Arts

Angel of death-BeverlyAllitt -ITV

Space Files -York Films

Art of Hearing -Maverick

Rush II+III+IV -Maverick

VTV -Maverick

Music Behind the Scenes -CreaTVty

Dirty Money -Folio

Nobels Greatest Hits -York Films

Heroes at Ground Zero -Mentorn Barraclough Carey

Red Bus -UK Horizons

Blind Mans Bluff -Maverick

Eric Clapton Live at Bray -CreaTVty

Hitlers Legacy -Folio

Planet 12 -October Films

Prostitutes Confessions -Blast Films

Digitopia -Smoking Dogs

Cutting Edge - Bus Pass Bandits -Wellpark Prods.

Cutting Edge - Seconds to Impact -Diverse

Bloody Battlefields - Omaha Beach -LWT

Cybersex -October Films

Riot -Smoking Dog Films (Best film, Seoul
Film Festival)

David Gray-Up to a Point -CC Music

Goldie -When Saturn Returnz -Smoking Dogs

The Phil -Diverse (Emmy winner, Best Arts

QED - Saving Trudy -BBC

Stand Up with Alan Davies -BBC Arts

Panorama -BBC News & Current Affairs

Holiday -BBC

Fun & Firecrackers -Eos Films

Witness - Breeding the Revolution -RDF

Omnibus -RDF

Country House -Tiger Aspect

Heroes of Comedy -Thames TV

She's Gotta Have It -Talkback Productions

1900 House -Wall to Wall

Witness-Acting Natural -RDF

Witness-Cars Caravans + Chaos -Folio

Phone Wars -Folio

Omnibus - Jennifer Saunders -RDF

Panorama - Various -BBC News & C.A.

Car Wars -Folio Productions

Copper Choppers -Folio Productions

The Temptation Game -Talkback

For Gods Sake -Carnival Films

South Bank Show - Michael Collins -LWT Prods

South Bank Show - John Elliot Gardiner -LWT Prods

TX - Two Melons and A Stinking Fish -Illuminations TV

QED -Various -BBC

Equinox - The Neanderthal Extinction -Inca

Equinox - It Runs On Water -Inca

Witness - Unabomber -CSL Films

Undercover- Bad Debt -Hard Cash Productions

Despatches - Various -CH 4

Crime Beat -Folio Productions

Cyberspace - 3 part series -Antelope

Network First -Fleet Street -Carlton Prods.

Network First -In Search of Law and Order -Films of Record

Grass Roots - 6x26 part series -Bazal

Seriously Funny - 5 part series -Word First Productions

The Language Master -Stone City Films

Absolutely Animals -Hawkshead

Travels With My Camera -Hard Cash Productions

The Great Garden Game -Bazal Productions

The Adventurers - Thor Heyerdahl -Cafe Productions